Thursday, March 31, 2011

At the Comfort Hotel Malmö - Sweden!

Finally arrived at the Hotel, we are now settling in.  The photo shows the view from our room window we can see the port and surrounding area.

As we walked in to the Hotel we found a nice welcome party made up of 1 wooden table and 2 metal chairs!  On the wooden table we found the programme of the weekend, time of registration and a note saying that tomorrow morning we will be visiting the actual Jamboree Site!! I can't wait!!!

We're soon off for some summer, as all we ate so far was a little closed pizza...and a small snack on the plane which consisted of 1 cherry tomato, 2 really fat breadsticks, 2 pieces of (hopefully) chicken covered in breadcrumbs (the size of your little finger) and what they told me was mash potatoe! Luckily enough, the kind lady sitting next to me had an extra 1 of these snacks, which i very politely did not refuse!

Anyways....Post Ya Later!


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