Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1 - Visit to Jamboree Site

The morning started well with a lovely FULL English breakfast with a hint of Sweden...(i'm referring to the meatballs...hehe) was so good I had 2 helpings!

After breakfast, we made a brief visit to our room and off we went to the double decker coach waiting for us was cold VERY cold!

On the bus we sat near a German and two Portugese Leaders, I must say being on a coach with so many nationalities was quite an experience, there are over 25 different nationalities present! Anyways, after about one and half hours on the bus...we arrived at our destination THE CAMPSITE!

After a trip round the campsite on the coach, we finally got off and went for an hour long tour of the campiste on foot. Our guides explained were all the towns and amenities will be a situated. By this time my face was completely frozen!

The campsite ground is quite soft with soil, however, it has a layer of sand on top.

Off we went on the bus again, this time, to a place called Natura. Were we had a short talk on what they do at this place. Basically, Kristianstad is a city that is very environmentally conscious.

After this talk and very interesting exhibition we went for a buffet lunch with the Mayor of Kristianstad! It is very strange that they never have still water on the's always water with bubbles :S (fizzy water). After lunch we were on the bus again, this time off to the city centre of Kristianstad.

We had a short tour of the city centre and off we went on the bus again. While on the bus our friend Henrik got us red and juicy apples. The rest of the bus ride is a bit of a blur...everyone fell asleep!

Once back at the Hotel we freshened up quickly, changed into uniform and wooshed down to the opening ceremony!

After the opening ceremony we had a delicious meal, which was chicken covered in some amazing sauce with sun dried tomatoes and potatoes. On our table were 1 Swedish Scout, 2 Slovenian Scouts and Jordan from the European Scout Region.

At the moment we are at the first meeting which is about Transport, so i'd better pay attention...

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