Wednesday, March 12, 2014


From Mr. Adure Eggobia

I am Mr. Adure Eggobia , from Abuja the capital of Nigeria. I am contacting you because that I need your help in the management of the sum of money that my late father left for me before he died. This money is USD 8.5 million American dollars and the money is in a bank in United Kingdom England.

My father was a very rich cocoa farmer and he was assassinated by his business colleagues and now I want you to stand as my guardian and appointed next of kin beneficiary to receive the money in your country since I am only 23 years and without mother or father.I have a family lawyer to my father before my father s death who i have instructed to contact the bank. he has reached the bank and the bank told him to submit the information of the next of kin so that they will document the information before they can pay the beneficiary the fund.

Please I will like you to reply to this email so that I will tell you all the information so that my money will be transfer to your bank account. You will also help me to get my papers to travel to your country and continue my education there while you help me invest part of my share after given you your percentage for assisting me in receiving the fund in your Country.

I am waiting for your urgent reply and I will call you as soon as I hear from you. Later i will send to you a copy of my international passport so that you will know the person you are helping. what i need from you is your contact information and account for the transfer of the fund so that my lawyer can forward it to the bank where the fund was deposited.if you need my phone number tell me so that i can send it to you together with my international passport.
Send your reply to my private e-mail address is:
Mr. Adure Eggobia

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