Monday, August 8, 2011


Taking a contingent of 79 scouts to a World Scout Jamboree requires a lot of work both before and during the event. We have a long list of people we owe our thanks to.

We need to start with the backbone of the Jamboree Planning Team - Josephine Gatt - who despite not being able to join us for the event, has worked tirelessly and selflessly to sort out the finances and administration (and a lot more). Without her we wouldn't even have registered for the event.

Many members of staff at Island Headquarters have supported us in many ways - Leslie Bonnici, Pat Marsh, Robert Gonzi, Mark Pizzuto, David Darmanin and Joe Zerafa are the obvious ones that come to mind. Without their support we wouldn't have even have gotten close to the airport.

The Contingent Management Team - Emanuel Grech, Paul Galea, Claudette Magro and Mark O'Neill were instrumental in running the Contingent Headquarters at the Jamboree and provided me with a solid team of people I could trust to make things happen. Without them I doubt if we would even have had tents in Sweden...

The Troop Leaders of Troop 1 - Timmy Cutugno, James Spiteri, Nicola Portelli and Darren Mercieca and of Troop 2 - Ian Fenech and Edith Camilleri had the tough job of keeping our members organised, fed, groomed, unlost, sane, entertained, safe and mostly dry during the Jamboree. They had a tough job to do and they performed it admirably. Without them I would probably be arrested somewhere... and a couple of scouts might be in a container on the way to Brazil.

All the members of the International Service Team came up to the Jamboree and worked long and sometimes difficult shifts to provide the manpower to make things work on site. I had the pleasure of sharing the campsite and dining quarters with them and their energy and fun-loving spirit kept us going. Without them and the other ISTs we would have had no food, toilets, media relations, activities, and all the other services required to run a town of 40,000 people.

Finally I would like to thank the participants for being themselves and for enjoying the Jamboree experience with us. Maybe one day you will take our places and help some other crazy scouts camp in a foreign field abroad for two weeks with another 40,000 people. Without you I would have lower blood pressure, a relaxing summer holiday and no blisters on my feet  :-)

Yours in Scouting,

Kevin Camilleri
International Commissioner

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