Sunday, August 7, 2011

An update from the Jamboree Campsite

The weather has not been nice with us and keeping dry is starting to become very difficult.

The IST campsite has been cleared out and the Malta Contingent Headquarters has been dismantled, packed into the shipping crates and wrapped in plastic.

Both Troops have almost finished taking down their tents and the team is helping them pack the equipment crates and prepare them for shipping.

We managed to change our departure time from the site to Copenhagen Airport to 22:30, giving us less time in the wet and more at the airport where we can change and dry off.

Despite the weather, there is an impressive stock of food to keep us going until we get to civilisation.  Bad weather we can handle - but we're Maltese - so forget leaving us hungry ! Food also helps keep the morale high so I'm not complaining.

I have been advised that the internet connection at the campsite from now on might get spotty - so updates from us may not be as frequent.


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