Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Green Jamboree

With 39 000 Scouts living at the Jamboree and hundreds of daily visitors, keeping an event of this size 'green' is no easy feat. The Sustainability Team at the Jamboree has been working hard to encoruage recycling, reduce waste and reuse materials whenever possible. Decisions were being made right down to what type of soap to use in order to limit the Jamborees impact the environment.

Under the guidance of the Sustainability Policy Document, every team contributing to the Jamboree has fully embraced the Green Agenda. For example, by carefully choosing what equipment they use, the Arena Events team has saved two thirds of the energy they originally planned to use. The charging stations have also joined in by setting up bikes which when peddled can be used to charge phones!

It is not just the planning teams which have done their bit for the environment. Every unit has been issued with separate recycling bins to recycle their rubbish. Each and every time these bins get emptied into one of the four recycling centres we help sustain the world we live in for generations to come.

All this effort has been recognised by Keep Sweden Tidy, a non profit organisation which aims to do exactly that. They have presented the Jamboree with the Eco Award for its efforts.

Taking 'Green' to a whole new level with some essential Restroom reading :)

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