Sunday, August 7, 2011

A wet ending to an amazing show

As I write this blog entry from my tent, the rain is pounding the campsite and lightning is flashing all around us. The Jamboree started with rain and it seems that it will end with rain as well.

Tomorrow morning the troops will dismantle their campsites and prepare the pallets of equipment for shipping. We'll do our best to keep everything dry but we'll see how helpful the weather will be on this point.

On a more positive note the closing ceremony was amazing and even thought it rained for most of it, the atmosphere was incredible. The highlight for people of my generation was definitely the legendary rock group Europe singing 'The Final Countdown' at full blast. The King of Sweden also made a very energetic appearance and the 3D fireworks display that ended the show was top notch. The kids were highly energised after the ceremony and I hope they get a good night's sleep - we are all going to need it tomorrow.



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