Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunset on another day at the jamboree

As I write this the sunlight is now fading (its past 10pm) and dark clouds loom nearby.

Troop 1 are offsite in a forest somewhere doing the 'camp in camp' activity hosted by a Swedish scout group. Troop 2 will be doing this activity tomorrow.
Those ISTs that are not on duty are down at the main square taking some time off.

By now the physical strain of all the walking we need to do on this big site is starting to take its toll, especially on the leaders. Morale is high but energy levels are starting to drop.

As the kids are enjoying their time here, the team is starting to work on the logistics of how to get 79 people, a pile of luggage and three pallets of equipment (four if Sabrina doesn't stop shopping!) back to Malta.



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