Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The contingent is in Copenhagen

After a rather rowdy flight to Frankfurt and a close encounter between Timmy and a sharp eyed Lufthansa person we finally boarded the plane to Copenhagen.
Before the plane left we had to tackle a family with a loud baby which expected to re seat half of the plane to their convenience... As good scouts we nodded very politely and stayed put until the hostess sorted it out. The baby paid us back during the flight with a vocal performance that would have shamed Joseph Calleja.

Eventually we got to Copenhagen and collected our luggage. Almost all the luggage except a wayward sleeping bag made it to destination.

In the meantime Troop 2 arrived a couple of hours early, deposited their luggage at the airport and went to visit the city centre.

Back at the campsite, Paul finally found the third pallet with the IST tents and equipment. Evidently it had made its way to the Cypriot campsite... that earned him a big chocolate as promised - it might be an even bigger chocolate if my tent gets pitched ;)

We were told that we will be getting the bus at about 10pm from the airport and should be arriving at the jamboree campsite at about midnight.

More updates later...

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