Saturday, July 30, 2011

Troop 2 invites you for... dinner! (part 1)

Thanks to the culinary skills of Troop 2, after 6 days at the jamboree, this IST managed to eat something that is not potatoes or rice!

Whilst some of Troop 2 prepared the meal, the rest played some frisbee or climbed the watchtower. The Monaco troop sharing the kitchen tent also got to learn some Maltese words - let's just say they would not be able to do much with the words they learnt... :)

Dinner tonight was pasta bolognese with real meat of course, Malta style! For desert we had oatmeal mixed with fresh fruit - a recipe obtained from the Swiss. Scouts share and that was what was done with the Monaco and Pakistan scouts. :)

enjoy these photos!

until later,

Simply Scouting!

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