Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morale is high after a long day of activities and rain!

Hello from Troop 1!!

What a day!...we woke up to some sun...but within 5 minutes it was raining again!

But not to worry all the water proofs came out and off we went to our "People" activity.  Here the patrols got the chance to develop their spiritual side and did some patrol bonding.

After people everyone had free time, I spent my free time with Tracy, Max and Adam...I must say they are a laugh...we spent time at the Canadian tent and played some hockey and some golf in the UK tent!

At the moment the patrols are all cooking away and the smell under the dining area is AMAZING!!

We just celebrated ASL Tina's birthday.  She also told us that our food is 10 times better than that of the IST Camp.

Post ya later


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