Saturday, July 30, 2011

A morning with Troop 2

Troop 2 are back to doing their modules and this morning it was time for 'Earth'. There were ISTs lining the path to this activity holding tabloids of different natural disasters. With this weather and all the mud in the path it really felt as if we were reaching some sort of doomed place!

The activities centered around soil, wind, and water and for one of the activities the patrols had to describe a natural disaster which happened locally. let's just say that the Americans sitting next to us were quite surprised that we don't have hurricanes, earthquakes or even snow!!

And to the disappointment that Malta was not included in the map (no, not even a dot!)... we were proactive and just added it ourselves! :)

more news from Troop 2 later! until then,

simply scouting!

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