Sunday, July 31, 2011

The morning news from Rinkaby!

The sun is shining, our clothes are finally drying and spirits are up! :) The campsite is full of life: amazing what a little sun can do! ISTs are going about with their jobs, the participants with their activities and the Media Centre is hectic as usual!

Some interesting news from the Jamboree for you readers:

Simply Married!
On 29 July, Helena Lindh and Jonas Bofjäll, a Swedish couple, were wed in a short ceremony up in the Jamboree Tower. The bride was wearing the Swedish scout uniform and welcomed the guests with an anecdote of how she met her groom. In her own words, “ten years ago, I caught eye of Jonas in the food queue of Scout 2001 (1st Swedish National Jamboree, held here at Rinkaby)”. “To get married at the Jamboree felt very personal”, said the groom after the ceremony.
And, to add to this: there will be another wedding at the 22nd WSJ! This time it is an Austrian couple who will be wedded in Vienna Cafe!

Swedish King Goes Camping!
The King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustav, is today out camping with scouts in one of the Camp in Camps. His exact location is still a secret though!

Simply Good
Buddhist Scouts have yesterday launched a campaign on good governance and anti-corruption in scouting.

Scout Help
A talk on the Role of Scouting in Disaster Management will today be held for ISTs in Soring Town Cafe. The speaker is a Japanese scout who was active in coordinating the relief effort by Scouts following the natural disasters in Japan earlier this year.

Until later,

Simply Scouting!

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