Saturday, July 30, 2011

When you are in Malta planning for an international event, you give a lot of thought to the practical aspect of things like flights, insurance and equipment.

When you finally arrive at an event like a jamboree and settle down, you suddenly realise that there is a whole new dimension that catches you by surprise.

On visiting both troops today and living with the ISTs it was quite evident that it was happening with all of them. When you are in a foreign country surrounded by new faces, challenging situations and a new environment you tend to bond together.

Today I saw this with Troop 1 as they decided to build a massive BBQ big enough to cook for their subcamp, with Troop 2 as they scoured the jamboree site to find the best badge to swap, and with the ISTs who braved on with their allocated jobs with a positive attitude like no other.

Tonight I go to bed smiling inwardly because the point of what we have set out to achieve has been made - an experience that cannot be gotten from ANY other organisation.

Today we finished editing a special video feature on the opening ceremony that took place yesterday evening. I will do my best to upload it to the blog sometime tomorrow wifi permitting.



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  1. Your words says it all..your objectives met..well done and keep it up